Thursday, September 17, 2015

Eyes Wide Open - The Murder of Michael Jackson

I have to say I was quite inspired by last night's Republican GOP Debate.  The front line winner of the debate was a woman who uttered these inspiring words:

"Lady Liberty, Lady Justice . . she stands with eyes wide open unafraid to see the truth, with a sword in her hand."

Carly Fiorina is a woman of substance, unafraid to stand for the truth.  "75% of Americans" she said, believe that politicians are corrupt.  She has and will continue to "buck the system".  If Americans want true change, we have to stand up and be counted and not go along with "status quo."

You may have already guessed why these words resonate with me.  Michael Jackson's murder and political cover up have infuriated me beyond belief.  In a country that was formed for justice and liberty for all, we certainly have a long way to go to ensure those freedoms.

The Los Angeles Courts have not only covered up Michael Jackson's murder, but have taken money from other people as well.  Many single moms have not seen even a cent of the money owed to them from child support.  That money has been taken in the county even though the fathers have made payment.  This issue is not just about the murder of Michael Jackson, but his fabricated child molestation trial and the rights for all people in all counties all over the world.

My stance and information on this very heated topic have been readily available here on the blog.  It is unorthodox, unheard of and to some may be completely unbelievable.  I realize that, because for me the whole journey has been quite unbelievable and I've been the one to have to go through it.

Yet I'd like anyone who challenges the facts that I've presented here to take a look at what is already in black and white.  Facts are facts.  There is no arguing what has been brought out in court about AEG, Michael Jackson's contracting company, Tohme Tohme, the courts themselves and even the Michael Jackson Estate.  When we are speaking of corruption, abuse in every way shape and form and injustice, the Murder of Michael Jackson encompasses not only the corporate greed, abuse, criminal activity, but political corruption at it's finest as well.

It's with this in mind that I'd like to outline the facts yet once again:

  • Steven Cooley, the Los Angeles District Attorney at the time of the Conrad Murray trial filed an Amici Curiae withholding a life insurance policy naming AEG Live and Dr Tohme Tohme on the policy, which went into effect 3 days prior to Michael Jacksons death. This policy was not allowed to be entered into the trial.
  • Dr Conrad Murray was tried and convicted WITHOUT this crucial evidence.  He served time in jail WITHOUT a fair trial.
  • The Los Angeles courts planted evidence and falsified evidence during the Conrad Murray trial.  This included, but is not limited to:
    • The 911 call which was made from the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, and NOT the home where Michael Jackson was found.
    • Phone records were created on "CHARTS" instead of ACTUAL phone records of those that testified.
    • Security guards were led in testimony, even being counseled by LA officials before their testimony
    • An IV bag was presented as evidence without any items in it. Yet prosecutors found it necessary to place a bottle of propofol inside that evidence to further their case against Murray
    • After testifying that he received a phone call regarding Michael Jackson's health at 10:30 am the morning Michael Jackson died, Randy Phillips was corrected to ensure the time of the call fell in line with what the prosecutors were presenting.  David Walgren, the prosecuting attorney, led the witness stating "It could have been closer to 12:30 right?"
  • Prosecuting attorney David Walgren was promoted after the Conrad Murray Trial.
  • Donations from AEG Live and Tohme Tohme are documented in Steven Cooley's campaign records.
  • Tohme Tohme was not brought in for testimony, even though he stated he would bring "death and destruction" to Michael Jackson and his family
  • The courts "concealed" incriminating emails from AEG regarding abusing Michael physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • The courts "concealed" the terms of the Lloyds of London Insurance case, which was the company issuing the life insurance policy hidden by the District Attorney and at the request of both AEG Live and the Michael Jackson Estate.
  • Lloyds of London was suing AEG Live for FRAUD; The policy naming Michael Jackson that AEG went to collect on mere days after his death.
  • The media has gone out of it's way to publish reports of both Conrad Murray's conviction and AEG's absolution.  Reports on media propaganda and payments for such press are on record and have been a mainstay tactic used in China and here in the US for corrupt corporations.
  • AEG Live CANCELLED their 'cancellation' insurance in May of 2009, leaving only a life insurance policy in effect for Michael Jackson.  They had NO intentions on going to London for any kind of performances.
  • AEG Live's Randy Phillips admitted he struck Michael Jackson, but no charges for assault were ever made.
  • Both Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme fraudulently took control of both Michael Jackson's life and finances, yet no charges for fraud were filed.
  • AEG Live's Randy Phillips lied on the witness stand repeatedly, yet was never held accountable for his actions.
  • LA Courts "refused" to test syringe evidence left at the scene containing both Propofol and Lidocaine - the  substance that Michael Jackson died from
  • Tohme Tohme admitted to becoming a representative for Michael Jackson working WITH Sony/ATV in court records, yet LA officials never investigated the correlation between his dealings and his fraudulent taking of Michael Jackson's assets OR his death.
  • Tohme Tohme admitted to being in control of Michael Jackson's security team, yet was never brought into court to testify who was at the home or why he was on the life insurance policy
  • The security tapes that would have had evidence as to who and when anyone came to or left the home were conveniently "erased."
  • LA courts made a circus of the Conrad Murray Trial, even asking the chef to state exactly what and how she made Michael Jackson's breakfast and meals.
  • LA courts sought an immediate conviction of the wrong man in order to soothe public outcries for a conviction.
  • LA courts even went to the extent of hiring and bringing in phone "experts" in lieu of presenting "actual" phone records.
  • Michael Jackson stated to several people on record he agreed to 10 shows and not 50 with AEG Live, his contracting company.
  • AEG Live went on to sell tickets to the public at both regular AND inflated prices for all 50 shows even though the shows were NOT agreed to and were later not even insured for.
  • AEG contracted Dr Conrad Murray to begin his "services" in May.  The exact month Michael Jackson's health began to deteriorate. 
  • Tohme Tohme was FIRED as Michael Jackson's manager by "Michael Jackson"
  • John Branca, Frank DiLeo and others were not brought into Michael Jackson's financial fold by Michael Jackson, but by AEG Live's Randy Phillips
  • Randy Phillips of AEG Live is on public record stating the Michael Jackson would perform even if he had to carry him on stage.
  • Prince Jackson, Michael Jackson's son, testified that his father was afraid that Randy Phillips and Tohme Tohme were going to kill him.
  • Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman stated to CBS News that he got a call from Randy Phillips assistant a little before noon as to Michael's death.  911 was apparently called at 12:22 on record, yet this call and lapse in time line was also ignored by LA Courts.
  • Michael Jackson's "second" autopsy, as requested by the family, stated HOMICIDE, not "accidental overdose"
  • Michael Jackson's security guards were being paid by AEG Live
  • The Michael Jackson Estate, John Branca and John McClain, filed a motion to "Quash" the findings and filing of the Lloyds of London Insurance suit, evidencing their partnership and loyalty to AEG Live, not Michael Jackson, his family, his fans OR the public.
  • AEG Live, Tohme Tohme and the Michael Jackson Estate met 3 days after Michael Jackson's death to sign "deals" relating to the This is It film and other endeavors.  These three should have been investigated, but NONE of them were.
  • AEG Live budgeted Conrad Murray for only "2" months, not for any length of the tour.
  • Randy Phillips of AEG Live and Tohme Tohme were photographed together the morning of Michael Jackson's death
  • And last but not least, and in no matter shape or form is this ALL of what transpired, I'd like to offer the following:
Tohme Tohme hit Michael Jackson stating he should clean up the blood with a shirt from his closet. That evidence was also not taken into consideration, as well as the fact that there were blood stains on Tohme's clothes at the announcement of Michael Jackson's murder.

Here is a photo of that evidence.  Footage can be found on the announcement of Michael Jackson's death.  You'll see that "Dr" Tohme is even glancing towards the stain as he walks away from the podium.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Conversations on the Death of Michael Jackson

We've been having some interesting discussions on the All for Love blog.  The site administrator was kind enough to do a review of the book The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy.

While there remains skepticism by some when it comes to "psychics",  I can only say that I completely understand and am a skeptic myself.  Psychics are like car mechanics.  There a good ones and not so good ones.  That's why we have offered evidence and paperwork.  Most people realize evidence and paperwork are black and white.  There is no room to negotiate whether it's real or imagined.

Having discussions like these are imperative.  To break the lens of illusion, there must be an understanding of what transpired, why it did and how it came to be known to the public.  There is no other group of people more well equipped to do that than our communities.  While there may be differences of opinion, just as there is in politics, families and relationships, the air must be cleared so the understanding and peace can prevail.

I've had my share of attacks ever since I started this quest to clear Michael's name.  I am both grateful and touched by the comments and further discussions of the events and evidence that reveal the truth behind Michael's death.  By clearing this matter up we offer his family and children a large step in the way of their healing.  We offer clarity in the consciousness and healing among all of the people who loved Michael for who he was and what he stood for.

I hope that you join these efforts by continuing the discussions and spreading the word.  My greatest joy will come the day when all things that were made hidden are brought to the light and Michael is seen for who he was and not for who he was made out to be.  For justice to prevail and the healing of all of our hearts and minds to become manifest.  It is in these efforts that the whole world may realize there can be goodness and hope in mankind to do what is right and just.  Love is the only force that can take us there.

You can join in the conversation here:

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Michael Jackson's Death Covered Up in the Courts: Appalling or Business as Usual?

"There's something going on at the DA's office."

"When I would call him and say, "Hi this is Ed Chernoff.
  What's going on?" He would say, "No comment."
 I'm not kidding He wouldn't talk to me at all.

... one of Rivetti's investigators had dubbed the Jackson probe "a shit case," and thought that if it were not for public and family pressure, there might not even have been a probe.

Eight months of a costly investigation, in a bankrupt state," one prominent defense attorney told me, "they have no choice but to deliver an indictment or there would be hell to pay."

- Jackson Prosecutors' Internal War - The Daily Beast

I am amazed to not see more outrage from Jackson fans.  The attempts at covering up Michael Jackson's murder absolutely blow my mind.  From AEG Live, his production company to the Michael Jackson Estate. Here in America we have a judicial system that was set in place to hold justice for the people.  With ample evidence that the justice system is corrupt, we still sit waiting for someone else to take a stand or perhaps pass these events off as business as usual. I've heard it said many times that "it happens all the time".  But because corruption is in existence, does that make it right?  If a judge accepts a bribe, do we condone that because "it happens all the time"?  It seems these statements are trivial and make corruption deemed acceptable.  It's not.

A recent review of the book The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy recently caught my attention.  Many people were commenting on what their view of the crime was.  Some with having read the book and some without.  The take away from most of these comments was that we all assume that our judicial systems in the courts do the right thing.  We assume because a government agency takes someone to court that that agency is correct in their decision and accept it as the truth.  We further the lies by distributing them to the press and suddenly we have the whole world believing that what had transpired as brought to us by a televised performance in an LA court was the truth.

The legal battle between Katherine Jackson and AEG Live was NOT televised.  Has anyone ever asked the question why?  Has anyone looked at the emails that were kept "under seal" that finally made their way out to the press?  Does anyone remember exactly how incriminating those emails were?  And finally, have we ever asked ourselves if those emails were covered up what other evidence that may be even more incriminating has been hidden?

Deliberate attempts at hiding the insurance policy held by AEG Live by the LA Courts have given a man not guilty of a crime several years in prison.  It has hidden evidence away from Michael's family to find out the truth about his death and it has concealed findings so that justice would be unattainable for his children. Are we so blind to the manipulation that large corporations and even our own governing agencies use?  We see it all the time, with politicians, political figures, and commercials to make us buy products.  All of these things are an illusion to sway our opinion in favor of what someone else wants us to "believe".  Yet underneath the ads there lies companies taking vital resources from underdeveloped areas of the globe, leaving people with no water to survive so they can sell more soda. Politicians are accepting bribes because it suits them instead of upholding the service they were sworn to do. Dysfunctional people and families broadcast on the television grab our attention because they make us feel better about ourselves.  Never realizing the very broadcast is "normalizing" society into something that is now deemed "acceptable" because we see it on TV.

So as appalling as this is to me, let me leave you with a few things to think about.  It was Richard Fine who was the attorney that was sent to solitary confinement for standing up to the judges in LA for their corruption.  It was Robert Blake and OJ Simpson that were found "not guilty" of crimes so many people knew they committed.  Did we suspect this corruption or simply pass it off as a case gone bad?

With the words taken from the article entitled "Jackson Prosecutor's Internal War" by Gerald Posner, when it comes to our courts "Prosecutors often joke that they can get a grand jury-which only receives handpicked evidence-to indict a ham sandwich for a crime."   Even when it comes to our courts, they know the rule of thumb is perception.  If you can make the jury believe a man is guilty then you can make the general public believe it as well.  With hand picked evidence and a production on the stage floor of a court, it's no different than a well thought out play with actors taking the stand.

Randy Phillips of AEG Live was impeached 43 times while taking the stand and that's just the number of times he was caught.  How many other manipulations of word do we think happen in our everyday lives?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up; Part Three in the Video Documentary

This is the third video in the documentary series The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy.  This video is 1 1/2 hrs long but well worth the watch.

Again, this is not all the evidence, however it will give you a clear indication of the attempts to cover up evidence by the LA courts, AEG Live and the Estate of Michael Jackson.  At this point I'm sure you'll agree we will  have presented more evidence as to the guilt of AEG Live than the prosecutors did at the Conrad Murray trial.

The conviction and sentencing of Conrad Murray was a well orchestrated plan.  You'll see in this video just how well that plan was implemented.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Look at Some Cover Up Evidence

Many YouTube accounts that have contained the testimony from vital people in the Conrad Murray Trial have been tampered with.  Here is just one account that has been "fixed":

The missing footage includes Michael Amir Williams testimony concerning "not lying" about speaking with Frank DiLeo the morning Michael Jackson died and the testimony from Kenny Ortega related to Randy Phillips "meeting" with Michael Jackson the day Michael Jackson died.

Here are screenshots regarding that now "missing" testimony, as well as other documents related to covering up the murder of Michael Jackson:

At point 7:00, for instance, Kathy Jorrie testified that Dr. Murray was being budgeted until the end of the This Is It tour.  However, we can see from the document following the video, Dr. Murray was indeed budgeted for only 2 months; May and June.  Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009, which fell right in line with AEG's budget changes made on May 19, 2009.  Were they psychic, was it a coincidence or a planned murder . . .

Here are Conrad Murray's ACTUAL phone records (not a chart, as represented in the Conrad Murray trial).  You can see that Conrad was on the phone WHEN the 911 call was being placed.  That 911 call was again placed from the Beverly Hills Hotel, not from the home as seen in the call documenting the phone record from the emergency crew:

Here's the original trial footage with the original call location "blurred out",  The witness Richard Seneff, who was one of the 911 call responders states he doesn't know what the Beverly Hills PD part is:  The original call came from Beverly Hills, and was re-routed.  You can hear the call being transferred:

The "transferred" 911 call:  Note: Conrad Murray was on the PHONE which makes it impossible for him to be speaking with Alberto Alvarez at this time. Not to mention Alberto Alverez was obviously not at the home.  With the original call coming from the Bevery Hills Hotel, you can bet he was with Frank DiLeo having  and early "lunch".  As the woman who answers the call says 'in LA?" she transfers the call to the corresponding department.

There is more on security to come, however here's a little more on the tesimony regarding Michael Amir Williams, another security guard and Frank DiLeo:

Finally (just for this post), we have the "meeting" testimony from Kenny Ortega that is now missing from video footage.  Randy Phillips was going to pick up Michael to bring him to the rehearsal that morning:

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Murder of Michael Jackson: Supporting Autopsy Findings/Murray VS Tohme

Michael Jackson's death was ruled a HOMICIDE by the coroner's office. Homicide by ACUTE Propofol intoxication.  Acute means "SEVERE".  This does NOT mean "negligence" by a doctor and it does NOT say "overdose".  It says "Homicide":
There are visions that I have explained in my book The Murder of Michael Jackson; The Cover Up & Conspiracy.  These visions and the information I received led me on the discovery of EVIDENCE to support what I saw and what I was given.  I am NOT doing this for FUN or because I'm bored.  This is an outrage to me.
Below are some of the autopsy findings and toxicology results that support what I saw.  You'll notice differences in the autopsy report compared to the Conrad Murray trial.  You'll also want to note that Conrad Murray has been seeking testing on the items found.  According to the Conrad Murray trial held in the state of California, Alberto Alvarez was told to help Dr. Murray "clean up".  Either he didn't clean up as he was told or there was no order to begin with.  Here is an article sighting Dr. Murray's request to test the items in question:
To my knowledge there were at least three injections of Propofol given.  One by Dr. Murray, one by Frank DiLeo through a vial attached to tubing at Michael's leg and one in Michael's arm by Dr. Tohme Tohme.  This would fall in line with ACUTE Propofol intoxication and the levels of Propofol found in Michael's system.
If you look at the diagram below you'll see the injection points in both the inner arm and in the leg.
Also on the autopsy report, you'll note that the cause of death is listed as "Intravenous INJECTION by another".  This dismisses "overdose" and points to deliberate INJECTION by another person. aka: Homicide
The medical evidence found, also supports what I saw.  That report is below.  You'll note the Y connector that would be connected to the vial that Frank DiLeo inserted a shot into and the plunger with Propofol and Lidocaine in it that would indicate a "shot" of the substance.
You'll also note that the tubing and IV bag had NO PROPOFOL found in it.  This means the evidence at the trial was FALSE.  There was NO BOTTLE in the IV bag as stated by prosecutors and Alberto Alvarez.  If there was, the records would show that.  There would be traces of the substance found in the apparatus and there was NOT:
The apparatus used:  The Y connector and vial:
Again, let's put this very simply.  Why would a guilty Dr. request an autopsy, appeal on his case citing an insurance policy that was withheld from his criminal case and be asking for testing on evidence left at the scene?  Why would he leave his practice to kill his patient intentionally, which is what homicide is?
To me there are only two parties to look at: Dr. Murray and the men I mentioned above.  Let's look at the motives. No one witnessed Conrad Murray administering the final dose and no one witnessed another doctor, named Tohme Tohme administering the final dose but me.  So how does the evidence stack up?  Let's take a look:
Dr Conrad Murray
  • Receiving payment of $150,000 a month from AEG live
  • Only listed in AEG's budget for two months: May and June
  • Bad credit
  • Quit his practice
  • Ordered propofol
  • Was treating the patient Michael Jackson
Doctor Tohme Tohme, Randy Phillips(AEG) and Frank DiLeo
  • AEG revised budget in May to exclude cancellation insurance
  • AEG revised budget in May to pay Dr Murray for only two months of services-May and June
  • Scheduled 50 shows claiming they were sold out when they weren't
  • Went to obtain cancellation insurance for 50 shows
  • Paul Gongaware of AEG was STILL trying to make sure they were COVERED the day Michael died.
  • Their contract with Michael made it impossible for Michael to back out of it without losing everything he had, including the Sony ATV catalog
  • Revised insurance policy 3 days prior to Michael's death naming Dr Tohme Tohme as additional insured
  • Lied about the way they treated Michael
  • Cut off all outside contact and took control of Michael's life
  • Scheduled the 50 shows without Michael Jackson's approval
  • Backed out of the Lloyds of London Insurance suit AFTER emails were discovered in the AEG vs Katherine Jackson lawsuit
  • Denied giving the emails to Lloyds to begin with.
  • Tohme Tohme was on record as saying he would bring "death and destruction" to the Jackson family.
  • All three of these men were tied to AEG and were being paid by the same.
  • All three of these men benefited from Michael's death.
There are TWO doctors here and it looks to me like there is more evidence on one side than there is on the other.  The state of California's deliberate attempt to cover this crime up by filing the Amici Curaie to withhold the insurance evidence, not allowing the contract to be entered into trial, and fictitiously providing false evidence at the Conrad Murray trial by way of the IV bag being "slit" and phone "charts" instead of records, make this case unfathomly and abundantly disgusting. Conrad Murray was framed for the murder of Michael Jackson.
If you view the video below you'll see Randy Phillips describing the children and how fearful they were the day their dad died.  These children KNEW how afraid their father was of this man and Tohme Tohme by evidence provided in COURT.  They stated that their father was afraid these two men were going to KILL him.  The fact that AEG and Tohme were frightening and abusing Michael Jackson was hidden in the Conrad Murray trial.  It's not now.  To know Michael's children witnessed all of this abuse then had to feel that same fear when they were told about their fathers death is pure evil.
This was deliberate control, manipulation and murder.